1 - Buying or Selling a Home

Information for Lenders and New Buyers

  1. LPCA Homeowner Dues for All Divisions: $297/year
  2. Waterway Fund for Divisions 2,3,4: $265/year
  3. Administrative Fund for Divisions 2,3,4: $38/year
  4. ** Above numbers are for fiscal year 2023/2024 Each year the Board reviews the inflation rates and upcoming projects to determine the proposed dues.  The Members of LPCA vote on the proposed dues for the next fiscal year.

2 - Invoices are sent out in June each year with a due date of July 1st.

3 - Fishing Tag Fee & Boat Ramp Key if owner has not returned it to LPCA: $300

4 - If you sell your home, please do the following:

   One. Contact LPCA email that you have sold your property.


   Two. Return your (2) LPCA Fishing tags, (1) LPCA Parking Hang Tag and (1) Boat Launch Electric Gate Card to Dick Kuss prior to closing or you will be charged a $300 (effective September 2021) fee at escrow. All 4 items must be turned in to avoid the fee.  The address to return is 3675 Oceanside Drive.  It should be done in person to Dick Kuss.  Don't use the drop box for tags!  Email:


   Three. If your buyer requires LPCA Board Meeting Minutes, LPCA Annual Member Meeting Minutes, LPCA Financial Reports, you can find them at the website ( under the tab “Members Area”.  It is YOUR responsibility as a current LPCA homeowner to supply a prospective buyer &/or real estate agent with this information. Your buyer &/or their real estate agent WILL NOT BE GRANTED ACCESS to Members Site!


5 - Covenants and Restrictions:
Properties in all divisions of Lagoon Point are subject to special covenants and Island County ordinances. Division 1 and View Tracts are governed by different covenants  than the Division 2,3 & 4 covenants.  All divisions are governed by the LPCA bylaws and specific covenants.  All of these documents are found on the Docs & Maps page of this website.

6 - Some Specific Restrictions:

  1. Living aboard boats is not permitted.
  2. Storage sheds, travel trailers, RVs, cars and boats are not permitted on vacant lots.
  3. Other restrictions apply and can be found in the covenants. Island County ordinance also govern and in some cases are more stringent than the Lagoon Point covenants.

7 - Architectural Committee:

Plans and specifications must be presented to and approved by the Architectural Committee before building. There is a 19 foot building height restriction.


8 - LPCA Members owns "Common Properties" around the development:
For a listing of the Common Properties see the Doc's & Maps tab.

LPCA members hold these properties through LPCA, INC. for the purpose of protecting themselves from personal liability and to manage these properties.

The property taxes for these properties are divided by the total number of Member Properties (currently 443) and that portion is included in the Island County Property Tax Assessment for each member's property.  Although these taxes are not itemized on your property tax statement they are calculated by Island County and each Member pays these taxes through their Island County tax assessment.

9 - Fishing Tags & Boat Ramp Key:
Dick Kuss  360-222-3017
3675 Oceanside Drive

10 - Dues are paid via United State Postal Service to:
P. O. Box 123
Greenbank, WA 98253


11 - Dues also paid via Drop Box, location:
105 Salmon Street
It is attached to the fence just left of the garage.


12 - LPCA Treasurer:
Chris Anderson
Cell: 360-682-8906


13 -


14 - LPCA Insurance Agent:
Norton's Farmers Insurance

Jim & Karen Norton
5589 Harbor Avenue
Freeland, WA 98249

15 - Owners must furnish renters a set of LPCA Bylaws and Covenants which can be found on the Docs & Maps page at

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Lagoon Point Water District

(Not part of Lagoon Point LPCA)
P. O. Box 610
Freeland, WA 98249
360-579-1535  Bev Chan
EMERGENCY PAGER: 425-335-9396 (then dial your phone number for callback)


Puget Sound Energy  Local: 360-331-3060  Toll Free: 888-225-5773


Whidbey Telcom Freeland: 360-321-1111


Island Disposal: 360-678-5701 or 360-321-1331

Island Recycling: 360-331-1727


Coupeville School District


Propane Companies:

Amerigas: 360-675-5939

Corey Oil & Propane: 360-675-5445  or 360-675-2050
Vander Yacht Propane: 360-707-5550
Skaget Farm Supply: 360-757-6053 or 888-757-2076
Suburban Propane: 800-776-7263


Department of Licensing: 360-675-6466


Cable Television Companies:

Comcast: 888-266-2278

Direct TV: 866-935-3678

Dish Network: 888-989-7919

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