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1 - Has your email or mailing address changed?

Please keep us informed, if you have changed your email address, phone number and/or mailing address provide the changes to one of the following:

By Email:

2 - By USPS Mail:

PO Box 123
Greenbank, WA 98253

3 - By Drop Box location:

105 Salmon Street
It is attached to the fence, right of the driveway when facing the house.

4 - Suggestions? Questions? Contact your Area Rep or an Officer.

5 - President
Teresa BeckerPresident@lpcawa.orgVice President

Chris Anderson

Asst. Treasurer
Sandy Duncan

Kim Serwold

Asst. Secretary
Christine Turner

6 - Architectural Committee Members:
(Division 2, 3, & 4)

Lance Sweeney

Jim Norton

Jim Carney


7 - Gate Card Administrator for Lot C (boat ramp)

Dick Kuss


8 -


9 - Web Site:
Rob Powers

10 - Area 1 Rep
LouAnn Hepp

Area 2 Rep

John Klemser


Area 3 Rep
John Calkins


Area 4 Rep
Scott Brunner


Area 5 Rep
Dick Kuss

Area 6 Rep

Charles Hammer


11 - Water Way Committee

(If interested in serving on this committee, email:

Water Way Committee Chairman: 

Carl Haslam - 425-770-8395 cell      

Water Way committee Members:

Scott Brunner

Graham Crippen  

Jim Norton    


12 - Waterway Spill Emergency Contacts:

Steve Bondelid        360-222-3182  home
Bill Brown                360-499-9144  cell
Laura Price              360-914-1144  cell
Graham Crippin       425-919-6979  cell
John Klemser          908-268-7035  cell
Tony Hartman        530-233-0344  cell

Jim Norton             360-929-7688  cell

Duane Rawson       530-949-7102  cell


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