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Has your email or mailing address changed?

Please keep us informed, if you have changed your email address, phone number and/or mailing address provide the changes to one of the following:

By Email:

By USPS Mail:

PO Box 123
Greenbank, WA 98253

By Drop Box location:

3675 Oceanside Drive.
It is attached to the fence, right of the driveway when facing the house.

Suggestions? Questions? Contact your Area Rep or an Officer.

Teresa Becker

Vice President
Stan Waldrop

Vicki Powers

Asst. Treasurer
Cheryl Kuss

Louise Abbott

Asst. Secretary
Christine Anderson

Architectural Committee Members:
(Division 2, 3, & 4)

Chris Anderson

Jim Norton

Howard Conant


Gate Card Administrator for Lot C (boat ramp)

Dick Kuss


Welcome Committee:
Linda Bates


Web Site:
Rob Powers

Area 1 Rep
Shirley Hendricson

Area 2 Rep

John Klemser

Area 3 Rep

Beverly Chan


Area 4 Rep
Allan Darr

Area 5 Rep
Dick Kuss

Area 6 Rep

Charles Hammer

Water Way Committee

(If interested in serving on this committee, email

Water Way Committee Chairman: 

Carl Haslam - 425-770-8395 cell        

Water Way Committee Co-Chair:

Graham Crippin - 425-919-6979 cell

Water Way committee Members:

Tony Hartman - 530-233-0344 cell

Carl O Brien - 360-632-3782 cell   


Waterway Spill Emergency Contacts:

Steve Bondelid        360-222-3182  home
Bill Brown                360-499-9144  cell
Laura Price              360-914-1144  cell
Graham Crippin       425-919-6979  cell
Tom Selvidge           425-231-5090  cell
Howard Conant      808-987-9698  cell
John Klemser          908-268-7035  cell
Tony Hartman        530-233-0344  cell
Andy Messer          206-251-3608  cell

Jim Norton             360-929-7688  cell

Duane Rawson       530-949-7102  cell


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