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WA State Fisheries - Shellfish Toxin Hotline # is 1-800-562-5632.

Washington State Department of Health, PSP Daily Reports:

Oyster testing is finished for 2019.  We all owe Chuck Hammer a big THANK YOU for organizing the testing this year.  All clear all year, yeah!!

Oyster testing will resume in the Spring of 2020.

Chuck Hammer runs the oyster testing program along with the help of Lagoon Point resident volunteers.  Please contact Chuck to pick your date to volunteer. Chuck's email:

October 8th is still clear.

WA ST 10-08-19 PSP

WA ST 09-24-19 PSP

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Boat Ramp (Lot C) Gate Cards and Fishing Tags are the property of LPCA.  They may be obtained from the Area 5 Rep – See “Contact Us” for current contact.

All boats moored in the canals must have a clearly displayed identification sticker with the owner's name, current address and phone number for notification in an emergency, e.g. sinking due to a storm.

When using parking lots or the boat ramp, a Lagoon Point Homeowners Parking Tag must be visible in/on your vehicle.  Vehicles without a visible Lagoon Point Homeowner’s Parking Tag are subject to penalties for trespassing.

When fishing from the community beach or walking the private beach properties of others, your Homeowners Fishing Tag should be visibly carried on your person.

Please observe the waterway speed limit-NO WAKE!!

State regulations require the use of sinking buoy lines for crab pots inside the entrance from Admiralty Inlet. No crab pots may be set in the east or west canals except from owner’s docks and, in Lot C (the main entrance), pots may not be set where they may endanger boat traffic.

All residents must be aware that to climb on or fish from the jetty rocks is extremely dangerous.  Any persons who climbs on or fishes from them, do so at their own risk.  All residents are requested to discourage others from doing so.


  1. The Area 5 Rep shall be the custodian of the Homeowners Gate Card, Parking Tag & Fishing Tags Register.
  2. Homeowner’s Gate Card, Parking Tag & Fishing Tags may be issued only to Lot Owners provided the owner’s Dues and Assessment payments are current.
  3. Lost or Stolen Gate Cards and Tags:  a LPCA Member will report a lost or stolen Gate Card, Parking Tag or Fishing Tags to their Area Representative or the Lagoon Point Board immediately.  The lost or stolen Gate Card will be deactivated as soon as possible.  If the Gate Card, Parking Tag or Fishing Tags are stolen, the LPCA Member will file a Police Report with the Island County Sheriff’s office.  They will provide a copy of the Police Report to the Lagoon Point Board to avoid the replacement Gate Card costs of $150.00.
  4.   When a property is sold:  An LPCA Member will return the Homeowner’s Gate Card, the Homeowner’s Parking Hang Tag and the Homeowner’s Fishing Tags to the Lagoon Point Treasurer upon the sale of any Lagoon Point property. The address to return is 3675 Oceanside Drive. Email:
  5. The LPCA Member will be charged a $150.00 fee at escrow if all 4 items are not returned and that Gate Card will be deactivated.



Opening and Closing the Boat Launch (Lot C) Gate:

The card scanners on each side of the gate are proximity scanners.  Simply wave the Gate Card within 4 inches and the gate will open and stay open for about 1 minute.  It is recommended that you drive your vehicle and boat trailer completely through the gate when entering or exiting the parking lot.  There are ground sensors on each side of the gate which should stop the gate from closing while you are in the process of entering or exiting.  There is also a pressure sensor that should stop and reverse the gate if it comes in contact with a hard object.  It is a black rubber strip on the gate edge.

Power Issues:

If the gate controller loses power, it will remain in position where it was at the time of the power loss.  If this happens, the gate can be opened by hand by pushing the gate back towards the power pole.  This is a heavy gate therefore not easy.

Leave the gate in the open position for others to get in or out.  When power is restored the gate will go through a series of open and close cycles to re-calibrate.


In case of emergencies, the Fire or Emergency Department has a key to the “Knock Box” mounted on the front of the gate that will override and open the gate.  The gate will remain open until the Fire or Emergency Department switches it back on.

Boat Launch (Lot C) Gate Problems:

Please report gate problems to one of the gate committee members listed below:

Dick Kuss by email:  

Richard Gohlke by email:

Rob Powers by email:

Chris Akker by email:

Duane Rawson by email:


Boat Launch (Lot C) Gate Policy:

LOT C Gate Card Policy 5-12-17

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